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Meet The Team

This group makes up the governance and management function of Cleft New Zealand Inc. as well as delivering our regional services. They provide strategic leadership, stewardship, external relations and board management, following the rules as set down in the organisation’s Constitution.

We are an Incorporated Society which is a ‘membership-driven’ organisation, and as an Incorporated Society we represent the experiences, views and opinions of our members. Our members represent a community of people who are touched in some way by an individual born with a cleft lip and/or palate.

The Faces Behind Face It

kylieKylie Perry – Chairperson

Kylie is a self employed mum of two boys. Kylie’s youngest was diagnosed with a bilateral cleft lip and palate during a routine 18 week ultrasound. Since his birth in 2010, Kylie has been meeting with new families to the cleft community, supporting them through their cleft diagnosis and more recently coordinating the monthly Auckland Coffee Group. Kylie says “I am excited to start this next chapter with Cleft NZ, and look forward to working along our fantastic community.” Kylie can be contacted by emailing kylie.perry@cleft.org.nz, freephone 0800 425 338 or on the Cleft NZ Facebook pages.


JaiMeme Campbell – Healthcare Officer

Jaime is originally from Blenheim and is due to start her fourth year of study at the University of Canterbury in 2016. She chose to study Speech and Language Therapy following her personal experience of being born with a cleft palate. She really enjoys interacting with people and considers herself lucky that the nature of her degree allows her to do this with a number of different clients and their families. Jaime says “In my spare time, I enjoy playing sport, including basketball and volleyball and am lucky to have travelled overseas to play basketball when I was in high school. I also enjoy singing and trying out new instruments to keep me busy. I am excited to be a new member to the Cleft New Zealand team and look forward to using my own experiences to help other families on their own journeys.” Jaime can be contacted by emailing jaime.campbell@cleft.org.nz, or on freephone 0800 425 338.


Sarah White – Waikato Co-ordinator

Sarah joined the Cleft New Zealand team in 2014. Sarah and her husband are lucky enough to have two amazing girls.  At their 20 week scan, they discovered their  youngest daughter had a unilateral cleft lip and palate.  They believe that the amazing support they received from the team at Cleft NZ and Waikato Hospital helped them through a tough first few months. Their daughter Kaylin is now doing amazingly well and Sarah would love to pay back the support her family received to all throughout the Waikato. Sarah can be contacted by emailing sarah.white@cleft.org.nz or on freephone 0800 425 338.


WP_20150917_11_32_20_ProDonnelle Newson – Bay of Plenty Co-ordinator

I joined the cleft NZ community in 2013 when our little girl Miriam was born with a Cleft of the hard and soft palate, PRS and tongue tie. All this was discovered 2 hours after she was born. This journey has been one made as a family with the support of the amazing cleft NZ community. Miriam is strong and joyful. I hope to give support to the Cleft NZ community in the BOP as I have received so much help myself. Donnelle can be contacted on freephone 0800 425 338.


Ian Jensen – Treasurer

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