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Steven’s story on Close Up

If you missed the story here is the link. 

Remember that with the right information and support we can Face anything that comes our way.  Cleft NZ offers anyone born with cleft and their family support and information.  If you too would like to share yo

ur experiences to help make a difference, you may want to take part in our survey. Find the  link to the survey in the article below this one.  Or you may like to join in our Facebook community.  There is a facebook page for parents and one for young people born with cleft.

3 Responses to “Steven’s story on Close Up”
  1. Mark says:

    What a great video! Pretty awesome to see how Steven has coped with everything as a teenager, and it’s given me some idea of what we have ahead! Go Steven!

  2. Susan Frear says:

    Thanks Steven and Gillian for telling your story, so many people will be interested in this, we appreicate your openness.
    Adam has written his story of this procedure as well. Here is the link. https://www.cleft.org.nz/about-you/teens-plus-13-20/how-i-faced-it/
    Not everyone needs maxillofacial surgery. If you do your Orthodontist will work closely with the Maxillofacial surgeon to plan the best way ahead

  3. Simon says:

    Thanks to Steven for sharing it with us who are close to someone with a cleft but also with everyone else out there who has no idea what its about. Inspirational and brave Steven – I hope your surgery was all you hoped it to be.